Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pirate Day at the beach

My sister told E about Pirate day at the beach a few weeks ago, she was so excited and has been eagerly waiting for that day to arrive.  Finally that day had come, it was this past weekend.  E and M got all dressed up in their pirate outfits and we headed over to my sisters place.
 There was a lot of cars already parked in the parking lot, so we ended up walking there from her house.

 When we got there, there wasn't much planned.  All they had was a bouncy house, and a dragon boat ride.  I was worried the girls would be disappointed.
But the girls didn't think anything about it.  They still had a lot of fun and why wouldn't they.  They got to dress up as pirates, jump in the bouncy castle, had popsicles and play in the sand.  I guess that's all they needed.  Just shows how our expectations changes as we get older.  The girls had a blast.

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