Friday, 16 August 2013

Photo shoot

Back when I was still pregnant and on bed rest, I did a lot of online shopping.  One day Old Navy had a sale, and since I was bedridden, I couldn't get to a store so I started shopping online.  The only problem with online shopping is I always try to buy over a certain amount so I can benefit from the free shipping.  If I went to the store I would probably buy about half of what I would normally buy.  So on this day I decided to pick out some cute outfits for the girls for a photo shoot once Baby C was born.  I don't really like it when they dress all exactly alike.  I decided to go with a color theme and try to integrate it into their outfits.  I decided to go with a navy, yellow and white theme.

 For E's look I went with a simple blue dress with white leggings (that she didn't end up wearing) and a yellow flower headband.  For M, she had probably about 5 dresses in her closet to choose from that had these colors in them, so I ended up picking one of the dresses she had and bought a navy cardigan with a yellow flower attached to it.  I also bought her a blue flower headband to go with it, it she didn't end up wearing it.  For C, I picked a yellow dress with a white shirt to wear under and white tights.  I didn't get her anything navy, because it was impossible to find this color for babies.  I was so excited when we finally got to put these outfits on the girls for a family picture.  I originally thought we would take the pictures within the first 3 months of C's life, but we never got the chance.  Good thing the dress still fit it was size 0-3 mths.  I'm so glad my sister is a photographer (  She was able to take the pictures for us.

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