Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nail polish.

It's been a crazy week since Josh started his summer class.  Oh by the way, along with 3 girls, my husband has also decided to go back to school part-time to finish his MBA. 
This week he is taking a intensive summer class, so the whole coarse is squished into 1 week.  He had a lot of group work and presentations. I guess the one plus to taking this class, is 1 less night class he has to take during the rest of the year. 
So with  Josh being crazy busy with school stuff, Baby C has been a little bit more fussy as well.   I think it might be her little teeth coming in. Its been sooooo much harder putting her down to sleep.  When she's tired she doesn't want to play with anything, if you try to put her down, it's a full out screaming cry. She just wants to be held.   She has also become a very light sleeper, so any loud noise will wake her up.  I was trying to put her down for her nap today, so I took her upstairs to my room, and told the other two to keep busy.  They kept coming into my room, asking me stuff or checking if baby C is sleeping yet.  But each time they come in, she pops her head up to see who it is, and its back to square 1.   Then, 30 minutes goes by and no interruptions (yeah baby C fell asleep).  I go into the play room.   So how does a 3 and a 5 yrs old keep busy and quiet for so long?  Nail polish.  They decide to paint M's nails. They did a pretty good job for their first time painting nails.  They manage to get none on the carpet. But I can't really get mad at them, because I did tell them to stay out of my room and keep busy.  Oh well I guess it's just one of those days. 


  1. I feel your pain! N is teething and has a cold so he's been super light sleeping as well and not easy to put down! If I'm out of his sight for even 10 seconds he freaks right out! Does Little C have any teeth yet? N has 4...

  2. hahahah! did she get some on her face??!! and I also understand the pains of a 'not so good sleeper'..sigh.. it's been almost a year... when.. oh when..