Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Foyer

Having 3 girls means lots of clothes, accessories, and shoes.  It's crazy how fast all of their stuff piles up.  I'm running out of places to put it all.  E is starting grade 1 in a few weeks, and M starting preschool.  I want to get organized before they start.  My project of the day is to create a area, that they know to go to get their stuff.  My hope is when they come home from school they can come to this spot to hang up their jackets and backpacks, so they won't be lying around everywhere.  This also decrease the chances of them misplacing it. (hopefully less "MOMMY where is my jacket, or where is my bag" in the early mornings)

This is what my foyer looked like

So this afternoon I went shopping to find a solution.  I bought a bench for them to sit when they put on their shoes, and got some hooks to hang their backpack and jackets.   They also each get a little drawer to put their mitts, hats, and scarves.  I'm hoping this will stay nice and tidy.  Also the pictures with their names on it was a Christmas present from one of my good friends. (btw where did you get them done,  I need one for Baby C now).  It all worked out nicely, and for under $200.

Let see how long this last. Knowing my girls, I give them a week.  I'm just hoping I can train them from the very beginning, and they will keep it up.  Wish me luck!

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