Friday, 30 August 2013

Baby Chef

Most Fridays my parents in Law come and watch the girls for a bit so me and Josh can go out.  They just got back from their vacation the day before, so we figured we would make our outing short.  We decided to go to Southgate.  We were sitting in the food court eating, and it totally brought us back to our university days.  We would go to HUB mall for Lunch and go to Edo.  We would order 1 sukiyaki beef and double the meat for $1, and 1 order of rice with sauce.  We would then split the meat and veggies.  So funny what students do to say a dollar.  J was laughing and said see now more then 10 years later we can afford 2 meals.  After we inhaled our food, we started walking around.  Not much to buy, but some how we ended up at Sears (yes, I know the old people store, the store only our parents shop at).  I went to the baby section and was looking through their clearance stuff and found " the baby chef food streamer/warmer/chopper"  It was half price, and since C is starting solids I decided to buy it.  Yes, I know she is my 3rd, and I probably don't really need it, but why not.  She deserves some new things too, right?  After we bought it, we figured it probably time to go home.  We had already left them for almost 2 hours.

So the first thing I made in it is sweet potato with apples.  It only took 10 mins to steam and cook the sweet potatoes, and a few minutes to puree.  It was so quick and easy and didn't make a months worth of food like other baby food makers.  YEAH a great buy!

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  1. lol Irene I really liked reading about you and Josh in the university days sharing the edo meal and then doubling the meat for $1!!! That's SO IAN STYLE!!! hahahahahahaha

    It's awesome that you get help from Josh's parents too, take advantage of those "Dates"!!! I always tell Chris anything turns into awesome date-like adventure when there's no kids around. Heck I would totally frolick through sears and try Nygard clothes for all I care, it would be THAT MUCH FUN. YAAAAY FOR DATING

    (and glad your purchase worked out!)