Friday, 14 February 2014

My baby is now 1.

Today is full of mixed emotions.  I don't know if I should be happy that my baby is growing up so quickly or sad because she's growing up so quickly.  I would have to say out of my 3 maternity leaves this one is by far the fastest one. (It's probably because I have 3 kids to take care of.)  I keep saying baby C can still pass as a 6 month old, so maybe I should have 6 more months?  I can only wish.

1 week old
After my LONG horrible pregnancy, the first year with Baby C was a blessing. She's a good baby (I think when it's your third you tend to worry less, which makes everything a lot easier).  I guess she has to be easy going with 2 older sisters. But she is still pretty little, so that might still change. I can already tell she's not one you can pick on. She has already picked fights with her sisters and cousin.

2 months old
Baby C during your first year we took you on a family camp in Camrose at 3 months and you did wonderful.

You went on your first plane ride to San Deigo at 4 months and barely complained.

   I love how you love food, you're probably the least picky eaters out of your sisters.

We had a great summer, playing outside, going to festivals and visiting the mountains.

You went on a cruise and then disneyworld at 10 months. 

 You love playing and watching your sisters.

 I know your on the littler side but your personality makes up for it, and I love how your so little.  You will always be my baby!

Love you Baby C! Happy 1st Birthday!

Love Mommy

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