Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Frozen party: Part 4- Party snacks

1. Cheesy snowman
- Cheese string
- black marker
- string to tie

2. Snow Capped Mountain
- Rice Krispie square
- blue chocolate wafers (you can also use white

3. Ice Blocks
- Blue raspberry Jello

4. Snowman parts

 - Blue Berries
- carrot sticks
- Pretzels

 5. Snowman popcorn cups
- popcorn (you can use regular popcorn, but I love the Chicago mix.  So I filled it with that instead)

6. Cotton Candy Trees

7. Snow covered oreos (as mentions in Part 1)

 8. Sugar cookies

9. Penguin shaped ham sandwiches (sorry forgot to take pictures of them)

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