Thursday, 23 January 2014

Puppet theatre

During Christmas I bought a few Melissa and Doug puppets from  I actually stumbled upon them when my girl friend told us about this crazy deal.
1. Go to
2. Then select
3. now shop. 

So when you follow these 3 steps you get money back from ebates, plus you get money ($25) from signing up to  So at that time they had a promotion that everything you buy from you get 20% back.  The puppets were already on sale for around $12-15 each (at the stores here they retail for $35).  I ended up buying all the ones they had on sale. 

So now I have all these puppets I need a theatre.  I started looking around. WOW, they're expensive.  I started to plan on making one out of wood, but then decided not to because it was too much work.  So my next plan was to buy PVC pipes and construct one out of that.  Then one day as I was flipping through the walmart flyer, I saw this garment rack for $15.  It was perfect.   (BTW, you can shop at through and get up to 4% back on your purchases)  I ordered it online (oh course, just to get an extra dollar back). 

My sister told me that Ikea as is section has great curtain panels that are cheap.  So I went there and found the perfect piece for my project.  This piece was $16.  It was already sewn at the top, so I only made 2 cuts, one in the length to shorten it and one cut down the middle for the opening. 


  1. What a great idea! I saw the same garment rack and was going to buy it to use for its intended purpose but wasn't sure if it would be too flimsy...

    1. DO NOT buy to use as a garment rack!! No good!

  2. I was also worried it would be too wobbly too, but it's actually pretty sturdy.