Friday, 24 January 2014

Disney Frozen- my daughters new obession

 E is my little tom boy.  She is in love with the avengers or any superhero, so loves to dress up like them.  

She would never willingly wear a princess dress, or any dress (unless I make her)....well until the movie Frozen came into theatres.  
Now when she come home from school, she quickly changes out of her school clothes and into any blue dress.  She then finds a cap, some dress-up high heals and walks around the house singing "Let it go". 

She has also requested a "Frozen" birthday party.   
M has always been my girly girl.  So of course she would love the movie.  My mom bought her the princess Anna dress as a early birthday gift (super early, her birthday isn't until the end of march).  She wears it everyday.  The other day she wanted to wear it to preschool, and I said no, she cried until we got to school (maybe next time I'll let her wear it) 

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