Friday, 26 July 2013

My garden

I been trying to grow a garden since we moved into our house in 2005, but haven't had much luck with it.  The first couple of years I would only yield carrots. (lots of carrots)
All my other plants would somehow disappear or get over run with weeds.   For example, I would have a zucchini plant and it would be flowering, and the next day I would go out and the flower would be gone, cut off somehow.  I figure it was some kind of animal or bird eating my garden.  So 2 years ago I decided to build a simple garden box, so I went out to home depot with 2 kids in tow and bought a mitre saw and some 2x4's.  It wasn't fancy, but it did keep the animals out.  Last year, I was out of commission with a difficult pregnancy, so no gardening for me.  So this year, I've decided to go all out. 
I started by sketching out a plan that would maximize my garden but still leave enough room to walk around it.  Here's what I did
1. Built 3 garden boxes (this time I used 2 2x8 for the sides and 4x4 for the posts)
2. leveled the existing garden
3. placed the garden boxes down and ordered "Manderley Garden Mix Topsoil (This Blue Cube)"  I ended up ordering 2 cubes and filled the boxes

4.  I covered the outside with mulch and started planting.

 Here are some of my plants so far


  1. Whoa!!, lots of veggies! Maybe i should make some garden boxes too.

  2. Awesome! Nice photos!