Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A present to myself

Today I took the girls to K days. If your not familiar with what K days is, it's kinda like a county fair.  There are rides and midway games, and of course shopping.  You know the kind of shopping where people yell at you ( or talking really loud to get your attention) as you pass buy trying to demo their product.  Well, I usually buy some useless household/kitchen item.  In the past I have purchased, yes the oh so wonderful "Shammie", some sweeper vacuum thingy, Tupperware, Cutco knives and as I mentioned other useless stuff, that I have already forgotten about.   This year I bought myself a .......Zoku frozen Popsicle maker.   I'm so excited to try different recipes.

The pictures of the Popsicles look so pretty, I wonder if mine will turn out the same.  Take a look at some Popsicles that have been made with the Zoku. Which one should I try first?

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