Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back to work

So if have been wondering where I have disappear to I'll let you know.  I went back to work in February, and it has been probably the most stressful time I've experienced in a long time.  My long time employer decided to send me to a different store to work.  So instead of a 10 min commute it because a 30 min one (on a good day).  Oh course just my luck, the first day I go back, there is a accident on hwy 2, and it takes me over 2 hours to get home.  I decided to give myself 1 month to get use to the change.  Well after a month, and being stuck in traffic every other day, I decided it was time for a change.  I applied for a new job, and it all happened so fast.  I had a interview within a day and got a job offer a few hours after.  It's amazing how God works.  It wasn't a easy decision for me, it kinda felt like breaking up with a long term (not very good) boyfriend.  I've committed over 10 years of my life to them.  But this new job was only 15 mins from house, and in the city, I couldn't turn it down.

When life feels like it's not working out, there is a reason.  My new job is great! I'm able to spend more time with my girls, I'm able to drop off or pick up E from school everyday and it's much less stressful.  God always has a plan.  Sometimes you don't know it when your going through it, but once you get through it and look back you see how great He is.

I'm hoping once my life settles back down I can give you a update on my garden, new recipes and some stuff I'm been making and working on.  But right now I'm spending most of my extra time (when I get off work) with the girls.

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