Saturday, 21 June 2014

Garden 2014

So I've been wanting to give you all on update on my garden.  But when I went to get my camera, it was gone, one of my daughters had misplaced it somewhere.  I finally brought out my other camera to take the pics to give you an update. 

This year I didn't have any plans for my garden boxes. Last year I mapped it all out and planted it out in a square foot garden.  This year I just planted where I saw a empty spot.  So here is what I have so far

1. Mint - which came back from last year

2. Cilantro

3. Thyme

4. Chives

5. Green onions

6. Snow peas/ sugar peas/ bush beans

7. Beets

8. sweet peppers

9. Cucumbers

10. Strawberries- from last year

11. Cabbage

12. Butter lettuce

13. Corn

14. Tomatoes (5 different types- red cherry, yellow cherry, roma, big red, and anything one)

15. Kale

16. Spinach
17. Squash.

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