Friday, 27 September 2013

Where have I been?

So if you're wondering where I have disappeared to, I'm still here.  My life in the past few weeks have been crazy.  Here's why
1. The girls have started school. Which means home work, reading, practicing piano (which we still need to do). Packing lunches and snacks. Making sure I'm on top of all the events (picture day, parent night, library day, swimming lessons ...and the list  goes on).  
2.  My mom and dad left me for a month.  They are taking their well deserved holiday to Asia.  My mom usually comes to my house everyday so I can drive the girls to school. She also cleans my house when she's here.  So imagine the state of my house now.  It looks like a tornado hit it, not once maybe 10 times in a row.  I try to clean as I go but it's hard when I'm constantly cooking, and watching the girls.  A lot of time it's done after they're sleeping (which use to be my quiet time)
3. Josh had to to to Calgary, and high river for work this week to check out the Alberta flood damage.
4. Baby C is teething, and has had a fever of 40 degrees for the past 4 days. She's been having a hard time sleeping which means I don't sleep.  Last night I made it to my bed at 4am, which was better then the night before at 5am.
5. And to top it all off on Wednesday I got hit by a bus in front of E's school on our way to swimming.  So I spent all day yesterday dealing with that. ( filling out a police report, going to get estimates on the car, contacting the bus company).

So my question to myself is "when will this week be over?  Will next week be better?"  Oh yes, and my mom has only been gone 2 weeks, I'm only half way until I'm saved.

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  1. OOOOOOH MYYYYYY IRENE!!!! I got tired just reading all that!!!! Will be praying for your survival and sanity!!!